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This website is being used to show residents and businesses in the Parish how the Neighbourhood Plan is developing and is therefore a DRAFT on which the Planning Team would very much welcome your comments. We are well aware that not all the elements of the Plan are yet in place, but we think there is enough to give people a feel for how the final Plan will look. If you do have comments on this draft, please use the contact form to send these to us. 


The Neighbourhood Plan Vision for the Parish of Buckland Monachorum


The Neighbourhood Plan’s vision is to ensure that individually, the five villages thrive and deliver long term sustainability to their communities whilst maintaining their unique and distinctive character, but, at the same time, act collectively as a Parish Community to enhance the lives of those living and visiting the Parish.  





Neighbourhood Planning - What’s it all about?

Welcome to the Website where you’ll find information on how the Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Buckland Monachorum is progressing. But first, why are we producing a Neighbourhood Plan in the first place?

Some time ago, the Parish Council took the decision to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan in order to give those who live in the Parish more say over how our community evolves. Without a Plan in place, the Parish Council can make recommendations to the two Authorities who look after our interests (West Devon Borough Council and the Dartmoor National Park Authority) but our input is just that; a recommendation on how they should act. With an approved Neighbourhood Plan in place, these Authorities are obliged to give material weight to the policies in the Plan. In short, we gain more say over aspects such as where any new housing might be built or where other development might, or might not take place. The Plan also serves to set out some aspirations; things we would like to see improved (such as access to faster broadband) and thereby gives us a basis to campaign and lobby for such services, even if not all of these are within the Local Authorities remit to provide.

So how far have we got?

During the last Government (2011-2015) the Localism Act introduced Neighbourhood Planning into the hierarchy of spatial planning in England, giving communities the right to shape their future development at a local level.  

In July 2014, Buckland Monachorum Parish Council applied to both West Devon Borough Council and the Dartmoor National Park Authority to nominate the land area of the Parish as a Neighbourhood Planning boundary. This was approved in October 2014 and the process of drawing up the Neighbourhood Plan began.

The Buckland Monachorum Neighbourhood Plan needs to reflects community-wide comments, observations and concerns about the state of the Parish now and how it might develop in the future. The Plan brings these together with census information,  evidence from specific studies and strategic and statistical evidence into a document that aims to capture the quality of the Parish and how this might be enhanced in the future for the benefit of both those who live in the Parish, but also those who visit to take advantage of all that the Parish has to offer.
A draft plan has been produced by a Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group including Parish Council members and with the help of both West Devon and Dartmoor National Park officials. The information on this website reflects the state of the draft plan. In time, this will be updated to form the final version which will be submitted for approval.

Once the Plan has been approved, following a favourable local referendum, the Buckland Monachorum Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the development plan and become, with the Borough Council’s Local Plan, the starting point for deciding where development should take place and the type and quality of that development. It’s management will be the responsibility of the Parish Council.