Welcome to the Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Buckland Monachorum. The Plan covers the five villages within the parish (Yelverton, Buckland Monachorum, Crapstone, Milton Combe and Clearbrook). 

Started back in 2014, the Plan has been produced by a group of parish residents including parish councillors and has been widely consulted on throughout the period leading up to the production of the final version. Although the Plan was issued for consultation in 2018, it is re-issued for a further round of consultation in 2019 to take account of the publication of WDBC's Joint Local Plan and two relevant planning applications which were approved in 2018.

The Plan’s vision is

to ensure that individually, the five villages which constitute the Parish thrive and deliver long term sustainability to their communities whilst maintaining their unique and distinctive character, but, at the same time, act collectively as a Parish Community to enhance the lives of those living within and visiting the Parish.

To produce the Plan, a Steering Committee was formed and the diagram below shows the various stages the Plan has been through and documents created to support the plan. You can access the Plan here and clicking on the links below will take you to the relevant supporting document. A brief description of what functional each document fulfils is also given here.

diagram resized

Below is a brief description of the documents accompanying the Neighbourhood Plan.

The NP Boundary - a map showing the boundary of the NP (which is the same as the Parish boundary

The Steering Group - membership of the Steering Group and the SG’s Terms of Reference

The Questionnaire - a copy of the questionnaire delivered to every home in the Parish

The Questionnaire Report - an analysis of the answers to the questions in the questionnaire

Housing Needs Report - a report on the need for affordable homes within the Parish

SHLAAs - Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessments - reports produced by WDBC and DNPA showing the location of potential housing sites with notes on their suitability.

Business Park Report - An independent dent report on the potential expansion of the Business Park at Crapstone

Landscape Characterisation Assessments - descriptions of the type of landscapes to be found within the NP boundary

Building for Life Criteria - a ‘checklist’ the PC intents to use when considering applications for new housing within the Parish

The Strategic Environmental Assessment - an independent report on the potential impact of the Plan’s policies on the environment

The Basic Condition Statement - how the NP aligns with the plans of both Local Authorities (WDBC and DNPA)

The Habitat Regulation Assessment - how the Plan meets habitat regulations

The Site Assessment Report - a list of all the potential sites considered by the NP indicating why the chosen sites were selected

Settlement Boundaries - the current development Settlement Boundaries and how these would change to accommodate the housing allocated by the NP

The Neighbourhood Plan - The Plan showing how the above documents support the policies developed

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