Thanks to all those who came to one of our Neighbourhood Plan Open Days. Please remember, if you want to comment on the Plan, you need to do so before 31st March 2017. 

This DRAFT PLAN has been prepared by the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group and is issued for consultation ahead of the final plan being produced. The Planning Team would very much welcome your comments so that any necessary amendments can be incorporated into the final plan before it is put to a referendum. If you do have comments on this draft, there are various ways your views can be communicated to us and these are given in the 'Contact' section. The consultation ends on 31st March 2017

All of the Annexes referred to in the Plan are available to view or download at the 'Download' section. 

The Neighbourhood Plan Vision for the Parish of Buckland Monachorum

The Neighbourhood Plan’s vision is to ensure that individually, the five villages thrive and deliver long term sustainability to their communities whilst maintaining their unique and distinctive character, but, at the same time, act collectively as a Parish Community to enhance the lives of those living and visiting the Parish.

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