6.31    The questionnaire sought to test feeling about ‘hard services’ such as transport, road safety, communications and land maintenance and also ‘community life’; the provision of social services such as church activity, clubs, societies, sporting and leisure facilities.  The responses demonstrated that the majority of residents are largely satisfied with the provision of the majority of local services.

6.32    Concerns were raised about the availability of local (ie village to village) bus services which will be increasingly important as the population ages, safety of cyclists on major roads and road safety in Crapstone in particular. Mobile and broadband reception was patchy; worst in Milton Combe and Buckland, average in Crap-stone and best in Yelverton.

6.33    The provision of public transport. broadband or road improvements is not man-aged by either of the Local Authorities but by the County Council or Government Departments (such as the Highways Authority) and therefore is beyond the remit of the Neighbourhood Plan to place demands on either.

6.34    However, the Plan can direct the Parish Council to actively lobby on behalf of residents for improved services and three, in particular. are noted; bus services con-necting villages to the ‘hub’ at Yelverton, broadband speed and road safety, notably in Crapstone.

6.35    Most were also very satisfied with community life with one exception; the village of Crapstone is unique in having no facility (village hall / meeting place) to facilitate any sort of community enterprise to develop. The Neighbourhood Plan makes a connection between sustainability and the provision of a healthy community life and therefore wishes to consider how best to address this issue. Early discussions have been had with the local cricket club to see if Parish support to their efforts to provide a ‘pavilion / community building’ might bear fruit.

6.36    The provision of broadband throughout the Parish is both an issue (for those with poor speed) and complex. Those areas within DNPA (Yelverton and Clearbrook) are being enabled for High Speed Broadband (HSB) through the 'Connecting Devon and Somerset' program. This aims to ensure that 100% of premises will be able to receive HSB, either via fibre optic cable to their local exchange (and then the installed telephone line thereafter) or by wireless technology (provided by Air-Band). Those living within DNP can establish the program for their home by visiting ''. Within WDBC (Buckland, Crapstone, Milton Combe) HSB is being enabled by commercial operators (BT or Virgin) but this currently this is not funded to cover all premises. The Neighbourhood Plan considers that HSB should be provided to all new houses where this is practicable and has established a Policy to cover this and will continue to lobby on behalf of existing homes and businesses which are not covered by current programs to deliver HSB.

6.37    The following Services Policies were agreed.

Services Policy 1: S1  - Transport

Development which restricts the access of public transport to rural locations will not be supported. Conversely, any new development must include provision for access by public transport.

Services Policy 2: S2 - Car Parking

Any proposed development, residential or economic, must meet the national standard for parking provision such that open spaces are not compromised by a lack of parking. The removal of parking facilities without adequate provision elsewhere, both public and private, will be strongly resisted.

Services Policy 3: - S3 - Footpaths & cycle routes

The Plan supports the provision of footpaths, cycle paths provided they do not have an adverse impact on the local environment, economy or residential amenities. Proposals for development must give consideration to the provision of footpaths with particular attention to facilities suitable for less mobile residents.