7.    Plan Delivery and Implementation

7.1    The Neighbourhood Plan will be delivered and implemented over a long period of time and by different stakeholders and partners. Once made, it can only be changed by repeating the process of its original production.  In this respect, periodic review will be important to determine whether such revision is required.

7.2    There will be four strands of activity which will direct delivery and each is im-portant in shaping the Parish in the years ahead. These strands are:

(a)     Private sector investment in the Parish through new development will be crucial; we must be open to development which, in turn, must be sensitive to the very special environment of both the AONB and National Park in which the Parish sits.

(b)   The statuary planning process will direct and control private developer and investor interest in the Parish in the context of the Neighbourhood Plan and the wider Local Authorities and National Planning Policy Framework.

(c)   Investment in, and management of, public services, assets and other measures to support local services and vitality and viability for the villages within the Parish.  

(d)    The voluntary and community sector will have a strong role to play particu-larly in terms of local community infrastructure, events and village life.

The role of the Parish Council

7.3    The Parish Council will ‘own’ the Plan and ensure that the Council use the Plan to both guide decisions on development and control activities that the Council em-barks upon. Each year the Parish Council will publish a document showing what pro-gress has been made on each element of the Neighbourhood Plan.

7.4    In terms of the key areas of action the following summarises the Parish Coun-cil’s approach to delivery and implementation.

Housing Development

The Parish Council will work with developers and Local Authorities to deliver incremental growth over the Plan period as prescribed by the policies set out for Residential Development.

Economic Development

The Parish Council will encourage businesses to improve local employment op-portunities and create enterprises that enhance Parish facilities.


The Parish Council will work to find ways of improving local transport arrangements in isolated communities, lobby for improved broadband services and improve the parking arrangements at Yelverton to promote local retail use.


The Parish Council will combat attempts to spoil the natural environment where this does not directly benefit the local community.

Next Steps

7.5    This issue of the Plan (the Draft Plan) has been endorsed by the Parish Council and is now published in order for residents to provide comments. This period of consultation will last for 6 weeks and the Plan will then be amended, if necessary before being passed to both Authorities (WDBC and DNP) for their assessment. Once this stage has been completed and any further comments taken into account, the Plan will be published and a referendum arranged (by WDBC) to seek residents’ consent for it to be passed.