Buckland Monachorum Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Diary of events

Actions to date

May 2014

Held ‘Advertising’ meeting (Parish Annual General meeting) - 80 attended.

Held ‘kick-off’ meeting - 25 attended

Recruited ‘helpers’ - currently have 18

July 2014

Applied for boundary & drafted Tors for working groups (with WDBC)

Set up meetings with all village hall committees

Aug 2014

Visited all businesses in Parish with cards explaining project & asking for help

Letter to local paper (Tavistock) Times asking for volunteers

Articles in Parish Newsletter asking for volunteers

Worked with AONB to establish ‘Crapstone’ project (held on 30th Aug 2014)

Sep 2014

Meeting with Maristowe Estate (Joe Hess)

Meeting with DNP - Parke

Meeting with Yelverton Village Hall Committee

Oct 2014

Boundary approved by WDBC & DNP

WDPC Workshop - Killworthy

WDBC + SHBC Workshop - Plymouth

Nov 2014

Drainage meeting (Julie Smith) - Milton Combe

Consultation over questionnaire (Plymouth Uni / WD / DNP)

Issued 1600 questionnaires

Questionnaires returned and analysed by CCD

Feb 2015

Briefing to ANOB AGM

Briefing to Roborough Commoners AGM

Attendance at Future Housing Conference

Mar 2015

Hold Parish Ramble (environment agenda) - 50 attended

Hold Housing Day - est 120 attended

Apr 2015

Discussions with KW on business park

Discussions with JH on cycling & parking

May - Jul 2015

Apply for funding to complete:

Building of NP Website (complete)

Conduct evidence of need study for Crapstone Business Park (complete)

Conduct local (ie within the Parish) SHLAA (complete)

Aug - Oct 2015

Draft NP Policy statements (NP Group) - complete

Submit draft to DNP & WDBC for comment  - completed Oct 2015

Revise post WDBC/DNP review - see note 1

Apr 2016

Held NP Open Day (Yelverton Church Hall) - over 200 attended

Questionnaires issues, 126 returned - results in download section but draft policies support over 75%


Jan 2017

Finalise NP for Regulation 14/15 Consultation (the Draft Plan issued to Local Authorities and other statutory bodies and parish residents for comment - see note 1)

Mar 2017  - Jul 2017

Finalise draft and issue NP for Regulation 16 (Local Authority consultation), Regulation 17 (examination), Regulation 18 (examiner's report), Regulation 19 (Decision) and Referendum


Jul 2017 

Target for completion of NP - see note 1 

Note 1 During the preparation of this plan, WDBC were producing their own updated Strategic Plan ('Our Plan'). This was issued in draft form in Sep 2014 and produced considerable comment. As a result, WDBC have decided not to proceed and issue Our Plan, but to withdraw it and re-issue it in the second half of 2016 as a Joint Local Plan with South Hams and Plymouth City. As a number of issues in 'Our Plan' are relevant to the NP (such as the treatment of Settlement Boundaries for development) it was considered prudent to slightly delay the NP to ensure a measure of conformity between both plans.